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Founded in 1999, Net Worth Strategies, Inc. is the industry leader in equity compensation risk analysis and tax planning applications for financial advisors. Our current products ( and StockOpter Pro) enable financial advisors and stock plan recipients to determine when, why and how to diversify their company stock and option holdings.

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StockOpter from Net Worth Strategies, Inc. is the industry leader in professional equity compensation risk analysis and tax planning tools. We provide web-based ( and desktop (StockOpter Pro) applications that enable advisors to provide equity compensation diversification guidance regarding: concentrated company stock positions, restricted shares/units, performance grants, employee stock options and stock appreciation rights.

StockOpter tools enable Financial Advisors to grow their practices by attracting and assisting executives with their company stock and options. and StockOpter Pro are designed to facilitate diversification and reinvestment decisions that result in assets under management and/or planning fees. can also be used by equity compensation recipients to track their holdings and make profitable exercise and sell decisions by calculating unique metrics and sending email monitoring alerts when criteria are met.


StockOpter University

The StockOpter University is a blog focused on the topic of personal equity compensation diversification, analysis and management. It contains information for both equity compensation recipients and financial advisors on: employee stock options, restricted stock/units, stock appreciation rights, performance grants and company shares owned outright. The content includes practice management information for advisors, technical white papers on valuation analytics, how-to articles & concept video’s, industry news, equity compensation resources and a glossary of terms.