Key Personnel


StockOpter Key Personnel- Bill Dillhoefer

Bill Dillhoefer
President and CEO

Bill has been with Net Worth Strategies since 2000 and became CEO in January 2018. He will continue to be responsible for all sales and marketing activities as well as product management for  His focus is to provide the industry’s best equity compensation diversification platforms. Bill earned a BA in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of Southern California. Previous to coming to NWSI he spent over 25 years working in the technology and financial services industries.

StockOpter Key Personnel- Kellye Pape

Kellye Pape
Vice President of Operations

Kellye has been with Net Worth Strategies since 2001. She is responsible for all administrative and operational activities as well as product management for StockOpter Pro. Her main goal is to provide StockOpter users with highly responsive assistance. Kellye has  spent over 20 years working in sales, customer support, operations and administrative roles.


Board of Advisors


Bill Briggs

Bill is the former President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Net Worth Strategies, Inc. He founded Net Worth Strategies in 1999. Bill spent 26 years with the IBM Corporation serving in management positions in sales, marketing, product development and financial and strategic planning.